Friday, March 09, 2007

Didn't we do something in Rio?

And since I love answering my titles: yes! We did do quite a lot in Rio, and I'm putting it all on a separate blog at It's not finished by any means, but I've started uploading Carnival pics to my picasaweb.

But here's a breakdown of what we did each day (there are some holes, but once I look at the pictures I should be able to figure out what we did):

Thursday: I was stuck in Buenos Aires waiting for my Brazilian visa
Friday: Arrived at 10 PM, but that wasn't too late to go out to Lapa
Saturday: Went to Ipanema during the day, went to Lapa again at night
Saturday: Got on a bus to Copacabana and ate at a traditional Brazilian BBQ buffet restaurant, then walked down Copacabana Beach to Ipanema Beach, don't remember the night
Sunday: Went to Ipanema again, went to a nightclub called Scala at night where there were probably only prostitutes and really old women who could have also been prostitutes. It was a good venue otherwise. Then we walked to Ipanema beach and stayed until sunset
Monday: Went to Ipanema again, don't really remember that night
Tuesday: then took the street car to st teresa, then took a cab up to see christ, then went to Ipanema, watched people get rescued, you got a borat mask, that night, we met the lawyer that night at emperio's and went to the beach until sunset, then ate breakfast with them
Wednesday: went to downtown Rio to eat breakfast, then took a street car to St. Teresa, then took a cab up to the Christ statue, took a bus to Barra and spent the night with Beto's mom in the country
Thursday: Went to the beaches around Barra, went out to a bar in Barra that night
Friday: Went to the beaches in Barra again, I got really sunburned, and we went back to Flamengo where we had been staying
Saturday: Went to Ipanema that afternoon, I stayed home that night because of the sunburn
Sunday: Went to Ilha Grande, relaxed in our room, walked around town, and walked down the beach, went to the plaza that night where there was a band and lots of people
Monday: Went to Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde where there were tons of fish, but it was a cloudy day and it started to rain in the afternoon
Tuesday: We went to Lopez Mendez Beach which is known for surfing, ate at German-owned kilo restaurant at night
Wednesday: Walked to to waterfalls with girls we met in the pousada/hotel, then walked to the beach and took a boat back that almost capsized in the large waves
Thursday: I hiked up to the top of Pico do Papaggio while Espen and Simen kayaked around, we took the ferry/bus back to Rio, went to Parme (an all you can eat pizza restaurant where they walk around with the pizza's serving you)
Friday: Flew back to BA landing at Jackey's apartment for a couple days


First dinner alone in Buenos Aires

I think tonight is the first dinner that I've had alone since I came to Buenos Aires in October. And that's excatly why I have time to write an update to the blog and explain where the last (has it been a month?) has gone. First, I went to Rio de Janeiro with my friends Espen and Simen, then we came back to Buenos Aires and I decided I was going to go back home sooner than later in order to start working. Last Tuesday I booked a ticket for the next Monday. Monday, March 12 to be exact.

We've also been shopping. Or rather Simen and I are tagging along while Espen spends the big bucks buying suits, shirts, and shoes for his new job. (But really, big bucks are small in Buenos Aires.) His new job that could make him a very, very large chunk of change as a sales manager for a company in Norway, and his flight left at 3:30 PM today. So that's why I'm eating dinner alone tonight.

But don't I know anyone else in Buenos Aires? Let's see... Jackey's down south on a trip with her dad, Caroline's going out with an Argentine guy she met, and Tuva's following our footsteps in Rio. And so my dear reader, we're alone tonight to toast an Argentine vino tinto, perhaps a Malbec, to the end of trip well worth whatever time and money was spent here.

Chau! See you when I get back!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Still alive

I'm still alive! Carnival is over, but I'm still in Brazil until the weekend. I won't have any time to write anything until then, but you can check out our pictures here:

Monday, February 12, 2007

A trip to the emergency room and more

After coming home from futbol game, I kept feeling worse and worse, and I could feel my tonsils growing, and growing. I took a bunch of different vitamins and pills before going to sleep hoping my tonsils would start to feel better. Well they kept getting worse, so at 5 AM this morning I decided I should go to the emergency room because they were hurting so bad my eyes were watering.

I went to the Hospital Aleman again because it's very close to where we live now. I got there, and it didn't seem like anyone else was there. I paid my 52 pesos, and then waited for about 30 minutes before being seen by a doctor. He just prescribed a high does of Ibuprofen, and a weird liquid that makes your mouth numb that I don't know how to use. The prescriptions cost $25 pesos, so all in all I only spent about $21 US. Pretty good price for not having insurance here. It seems like it would be half off if I had insurance.

So the next day, I took the Ibuprofen and it seemed to help a lot. That was until last night when again, even though I was on the Ibuprofen it hurt so bad I couldn't sleep. I thought about walking back to the hospital, but decided I should just wait until the morning so that I could see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. Also called an otorrinolaringologia. Yeah, that's a long word, probably one of the longest Spanish words I've seen.

The doctor today told me I had a bacterial infection and prescribed antibiotics that I have to take for one week. The week that I also happen to be in Rio. Ughhhhh all of these illnesses are really wearing me down... I'm crossing my fingers. Chau.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Football fever and swollen tonsils

I woke up this morning this morning unable to swallow without , feeling a lot of pain. I looked up and told Espen that Jackey could have my ticket to the futbol game we were supposed to go to today. Too late! He'd already found another one for her. This meant I was going, with a fever and swollen tonsils.

It wasn't a bad game, with one point scored by River (our team) at the very end. I had almost forgotten how crazy the games were, since the last one I went to was way back in October. It was my first weekend in Buenos Aires, and it's actually where I met Espen and Tuva, my Norwegian friends.

Today it was me, Jackey, Espen, and Simen. We had good seats close to the field, but they were in the sun almost the entire game and it was pretty hot. We came straight home, and I'm probably going to go to sleep early because I have to wake up early tomorrow and see if I need a new visa to Brazil. Chau!

See all the pictures...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Three's a charm

This week has been the week of me losing important things. It started last Saturday while we were out at the nightclub Opera Bay. I woke up the next morning, and couldn't find my cell phone. Espen tried calling it, and when it went straight to the voice mail, I knew something was wrong since I never turn it off. (And yes, it had a full charge.)

Luckily, I have some insurance. Unluckily, filing a claim is a bitch, and I have a $200 deductible on a $350 cell phone (if I have to buy it new from Cingular). I have to file a police report, prove ownership, and send a statement of events. The police report it the killer, and hopefully the "tourist police" will be able to write a report, and hopefully they won't want anything under the table for their trouble.

Number 2: We went to Colonia, Uruguay on Monday, and had a great time. When we were going back to the apartment, I couldn't find my keys. Uh oh... my shorts have loose pockets and I like to sit in funny positions which empty my pockets out where I'm sitting. Sometimes I remember to look behind me, and sometimes I don't. The whole next day I was worried about how much it would cost to have keys made (probably about $10 US, because all keys here are expensive). Then I found them in my backpack upon closer inspection.

Three's a charm: Today we went to the gym, and I remember stuffing cash and my wallet into my shorts before we left. When I got back to the apartment, no more wallet. This time, I spent about an hour cleaning up and looking everywhere in out 30 meter square apartment, and have not had any luck. I was carrying about $200-300 US in it because I had just gotten money from everyone for putting the Colonia trip on my credit card, and all my important credit and debit cards were in it. There's probably still a 25% chance that it will turn up in the apartment, but as the time goes by I'm getting more and more worried.

It's probably the worst time to loose my wallet since we're about to go to Rio, and we're not going to be in one place for very long (or know where we will be on a certain date). Hopefully it will turn up since I can't imagine where it might have ended up. My vision of what happened before and during the gym is cloudy because I wasn't feeling too great, but Simen checked the cab back from the gym for anything left behind.

It's frustrating for the obvious reasons, but even more so because I never loose things that easily. I've never lost a cell phone or a wallet before except underneath the seat of my car, and I'm usually very conscious of my belongings. I'm still crossing my fingers, but I'm prepared to cancel everything tomorrow and try to have new one's sent somewhere in Brazil or maybe to Buenos Aires.

Wish me luck... Chau!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Muchos Fotos

Got some pictures that I've been taking the last week or so that are now uploaded onto good old Google Picasaweb:

Our other roommate, Simen has put up some pictures as well:

When Espen stops being lazy, he'll put some more pictures on his site: